Tattoo treatment

The freshly made tattoo is handled by tattoo artist in our salon, and the tattoo artist give you an informative about the tattoo treatment. You have to follow the tattoo treatment instuctions, and do what it says.

In fact the tattoo is ready when it healed. The final result influence by tattoo aftercare. If you do it in wrong way, it will heal in wrong way and maybe your tattoo will be infections. So it is very important to follow our intructions!

There are some things you need for the healing process

  • tattoo aftercare cream (Bepanthen)
  • antibacterial soap or fragrance -free soap ( Do not use Clarasept!!!)
  • paper towels
  • household foil
  • surgical tape

Tattoo treatment steps.

  • Wash your hands. Only allowed touch the tattooed surface by clean hands!
  • Take off the foil. Wash the tattoo gently and thoroughly with water and antibacterial or fragrance-free soap.
  • Let it dry, or dry it up with paper towels
  • Apply thin layer tattoo aftercare cream on tattoo
  • Cover the surface with a new and clean foil. ( the foil be bigger than the tattoo is)
  • Fix it with surgical tape

Repeat this process every 4-5 hours/day, or 3 hours/day if you sweaty or the weather is warm.

At night you can keep the foil on all night long and change it next morning.

You need to cover the tattoo with cling film for 3 days, but you need to change it every 3-5 hours a day. On the 4th day you needn’t to cover your tattoo with foil anymore, you just need to wash it and lubricate it whit tattoo aftercare cream ( Bepanthen) 2-4 times a day. Always apply the Bepanthen cream  in thin layer.

Do not use any Bepanthen Plus, Neugranormon, or any other cream which contains disinfecant, because these cream fade the tattoos colour!

Which is not allowed in healing process

  • soak the tattoo ( do not take a bath, just take a quick shower)
  • sunbathing, go to the solarium, go to the sauna, go to swimming
  • use Tanning cream
  • take off the tiny wound skin pieces
  • go to gym

Some general informations and risks


In the first some days, when you take off the bandage, you’ll probably notice fluid oozing from the tattoo. This is blood, plasma, and some extra ink. It is normal.

Your skin will also be red and sore. It might feel slightly warm to the touch. On about 5th-7th day your wounded skin start to fall down in little pieces, it maybe itchy, but it is normal.

How quickly you heal depends on the size of your tattoo, and how intricate it is. Bigger tattoos will stay red and swollen longer, because they cause more trauma to your skin.

The healing time might take longer if your immune system is weak. Also if your immune system is not good there is a chence that you get infection more easily. Therefore please don’t come to get tattoo when you are ill!



A tattoo that isn’t properly cared for can get infected. Infected skin will be red, warm, and painful. It may also leak pus, and it stinking.

If you think you have infections please let us know.

Allergic reaction


You can allergic to ink, or some other product which we use during tattooing.The skin will be red and itchy…

If you think you have allergic reactions let us know.

Please if you recognize any abnormal thing about your tattoo (extremly pain, extremly red skin, vesicular skin…) let us know.



Bookings can only be arranged in person, with deposit. Unfortunately we are unable to give a price or make a booking for tattoos via email or telephone, as we need discuss the requirements for your tattoo in person. This will save us both time and avoids any confusion over price, size etc.

In some special case, you can booking an appointment in email, BUT in that case write directly to the tattoo artist, and discuss what is the next step you need to do for an appointment.

The deposit is 50 Euro.

Your deposit will be deducted from the final price of your tattoo.

The deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your appointment, and don’t let tattoo artist know in time. If you cancel your appointment minimum 3 days before you have an appointment, then we having keep your deposit till the next booking.

Parental consent


If you are not in age 18 at least, you may get tattoo with parental consent.

Please download parental consent below, fill it, and bring it with  you in our tattoo shop.If possible your parents will be with you as well.

 A person must not in any manner get tattoo who has not

reached 16 years of age.

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